English Speaking Practice

Do you need some help brushing up or perfecting aspects of your English? Ideally with a native speaker? Then contact me to discuss your needs.

Speaking practice sessions are usually performed with specific goals in mind and run for as long as needed. If you are wanting regular English lessons where you focus on grammar and exercises this is something I do not usually provide without good motivation. In such cases you might prefer a standard English teacher as their prices may be more reasonable for such lessons.

Sessions can be performed with individuals or as groups. Groups are preferred as they provide greater chances for interactivity and can reduce the price per participant.


Individual: 2000 roubles/hour (2000 per person)

2 people: 3000 roubles/hour (1500 per person)

3 people: 3900 roubles/hour (1300 per person)

4 people: 4400 roubles/hour (1100 per person)

5 or more: 5000 roubles/hour (1000 per person at 5 and reducing with more, eg: 10 people its 500 per person).