Seminars can be provided for groups of individuals, specific organizations and businesses, or for the general public (events). These seminars can be from my standard stock, or tailored to the needs of participants.

Seminars can range from the short, for example, 1 hour, focusing on a specific theme, to multi-day events covering a wide range of topics.

Topics covered by my seminars can include, but are not limited to:

Body language: Often associated strongy with presentation skills, but also useful in meetings and other situations. How to ensure your body is sending the right signals and reinforcing your oral message.

Cultural awareness: When dealing with English speaking clients, sometimes you can make mistakes without understanding you have done anything wrong. Learn some of the differences between how Russians and English speakers communicate and do business.

Working Effectively: Time management, meetings, priorotization, and more. How to work effectively so as to maximize your time for other matters.

General business writing skills and emails: Getting the right amount of information into your emails to colleages and clients. How to present your ideas. Some Do’s and Don’ts of email writing.

General communication skills: How to talk to employees, partners, colleages, and clients. With emphasis on commuinications with English speaking clients.

Interview training: Are you a body shop selling employees to third parties? Or do you just need to sell your services? There are similarties between selling a product and a person’s talents. Learn how to sell yourself.

Presentation skills: How to make your presentations work for you and keep your audience engaged.

Voice training: People don’t pay attention to those who don’t project their voice well. Do your people have trouble making themselves heard? This training can help them gain presence in meetings.