Prices for various services are very much dependent on the exact requirements of the client. Therefore most prices listed here are only rough guidelines and agreements and contracts may need to be made on an individual basis.

If travel and/or accommodation is required then this also needs to be factored into the price.

Seminars and Training Sessions for Businesses: Prices only by negotiation based upon requirements.

Interview Preparation, English practice training, etc, for Private Groups and Individuals: 3000 rubles per hour is the usual minimum. Subject to demand and requirements.

Proofreading (for individuals and businesses): Base rate is 230 rubles per 1800 characters (including spaces) for standard non-urgent texts of good quality. Texts for specialist industries, requiring high impact, extra quality or style control, urgent, or other factors can increase the price, in some cases, significantly. For those who seek a long term relationship we can discuss standard prices for work, only requiring confirmation of different prices in specific situations.